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Fruit orchards in Washington States Wenatchee Valley

The wine industry is likely one of the most environmentally friendly there is. Indeed, the vineyards and orchards of the world play a key role in balancing CO2 in the atmosphere, as do the vast cork oak forests of the Mediterranean. And where would the environment be without honey bees?

Growing up in the country and spending much of my youth in Boy Scouts I learned conservationism and a healthy respect for the environment. Long before the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts of the 1970's I was picking up trash along the county highways and planting trees along the river beds. To this day I will walk out of my way to pick up the garbage that some lazy individual threw in the ditch rather than make a little effort to get it to a trash can. And if you ever get a letter in the mail from the State Litter Board saying someone reported you throwing a burning cigarette butt out your car window, that was probably me who took down your license plate and called it in.

We don't feel that you need to trade your car in for a bicycle, but we do feel that everyone needs to do their part, no matter how small, to help clean up their little piece of the planet and we want to help. Our program is so simple. Just bring us your used corks and empty wine bottles. That's it.

Glass Bottles and Natural Cork

Corticeira Amorim, the world's largest producer of cork has developed the ReCORK program. Through this program your used corks are ground up and made into environmentally friendy footwear by SOLE . Your empty bottles are cleaned and sanitized and reused by many wineries, including us. What we don't use goes to recycle or reuse companies like The Green Glass Company and Wine Bottle Renew.

We use only glass bottles and natural cork closures because of their low carbon footprint, their recyclability and their esthetics. There are other types of containers and closures available that are cheaper and some wineries have made a business decision to go that route. We have decided it is more important to be environmentally responsible.




Vegan Friendly

All our wines and meads are Vegan Friendly. This is because we don't use any gelatin based fining agents. In fact, we use very few fining agents at all. Not because we have any great connection with Vegans. It's just that our winemaking philosophy is to use as little chemistry as possible so as not to interfer with the natural fermentation and aging process.

No added sulfites

Because we also use a proprietary method of extracting the juices from fruits and berries that also pasteurizes the juice it is not necessary to add sulfites to our Country Wines. It is also not necessary to add sulfites to the honey when making Mead. However, these methods do not lend well to the grape wine making process so any of these wines we may produce from time to time will require the use of sulfites.


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